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Get into oil and strike it big! Ask yourself, has there ever been a better time? Active motorists need automotive services, and their hectic lives mean traditional dealer maintenance gets harder and harder to schedule. Do you remember when an oil change was a 'do-it-yourself' project? Who has time for that anymore? Even making an appointment with a car dealer to book a service has become a chore. This is where PRO OIL CHANGE comes into the picture. If you are looking for a proven, recession resistant, and super manageable business, we want to hear from you.

Site Selection

Having a great site is crucial. Knowing where the great sites are and having strong relations with the best landlords is even more important.

When you join the PRO OIL CHANGE team the company principals (along with our site specialist review) your location. A PRO OIL CHANGE site is chosen after extensive research has taken place to ensure that it meets our demanding standards. The best possible terms will be negotiated with major landlords and developers to provide your business with the edge that it needs. Before a site is given the teams stamp of approval; it must pass our rigorous profitability checklist.


The PRO OIL CHANGE development group has always enjoyed excellent relations with our financing partners. As an approved PRO OIL CHANGE franchise candidate, you will also enjoy the attention of interested financiers. As an approved candidate we will help you prepare a financial package to be sent out to a number of qualified lenders. Our past success will help open the door for any financing you may require.

Building Layout And Design

Whether your new operation starts in an existing building, is built on a new site, or is based on one of our custom designed and supplied pre-fabricated structures, it will meet the PRO OIL CHANGE turn key standards. Top service industry building designers and fabricators were enlisted to ensure that every PRO OIL CHANGE building would be capable of handling a steady stream of business. Your PRO OIL CHANGE store will not only be highly functional; it will look great as well.

Equipment And Inventory Packages

A PRO OIL CHANGE professional oil change facility comes complete with a pre-configured equipment package. Top industry suppliers were recruited to provide a turnkey equipment program that allows you to perform all of our professional services just as soon as your new store opens. You will be supplied with top quality products purchased at the best possible prices. We consider our vendors partners in not only our growth, but in your growth as well.

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Support Systems

Two individuals discussing franchise ownership support

The quick oil change business is one that has benefited immensely from systemization. We have automated almost all aspects of our business, allowing you to focus on the few areas that really allow your store to progress. You are never alone. We are with you every step of the way in helping you to operate and grow your business.

A few of the tools that will help in growing your business are listed below:

Operations Support

Our operations team is interested in helping you organize your business from the 'basement to the roof'. We say that, because what goes on under a customer's car is the backbone of our system and critical to your success.

Our operations team is available to help you fine-tune your store operations when you need it. A comprehensive Management/Employee operations manual is always at your fingertips.

Point Of Sale System

As a franchisee under our umbrella, you will have one of the most user friendly and 'information rich' point-of sale terminals in the industry. Our systems will not only keep track of your customers, their spending habits and personal preferences, it will also give you vital information on how to improve your advertising and marketing. Our program is easy to use, and you will soon become an expert at reading the many reports available to the operator.

Web Site

As a franchisee, access to up to date information on our franchisee bulletin board. Our Corporate web site also lists you as one of our operators and provides information on how to get to your store. As mentioned, the PRO OIL CHANGE Operations Manual is provided to you in printed form, or online at our secure franchisee web site, and specials, tips and good driving information is easy to find on our web site for interested customers.

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Training & Development

Owner being trained on franchise ownership.

If selected a candidate for a franchise, you will train in one of our successful corporate stores. The balance of your training will be at head office where experienced trainers (who can emphathize with your new project) take over and get you ready for your launch. By the time the opening ribbon is cut, you will be confidently looking forward to operating your centre.

In Store Training

We believe in hands-on-training and job shadowing, and you will receive two weeks initial training at a store level. You are not alone. Previous to your Grand Opening, you will have a lot to consider. Many procedures will be new to you, and if left alone, could become overwhelming.

We recognize this, and place one of our more experienced trainers with you to get you completely familiar with our systems. By the time you are ready to open, you will feel confident that you have the competence.

Head Office Training

During in store training, you become familiar with the day to day procedures for operating your business. Head Office training will give you help in the 'people part' of your business. Understanding cash flow, planning schedules and related human resources training are integral parts of your head office instruction experience. PRO OIL CHANGE is in the oil change business, but our people practices are what make our locations run. Our job is to give you the training tools to help you help your people become better at what they do.

Partner Training

From time to time our lubricant partners bring us new ideas and promotions. At PRO OIL CHANGE we welcome their valuable input. You will also get to know these partners, and also welcome their ideas in helping your business grow. Their entire interests are to see you become a success.

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Advertising & Marketing

Stylized Graph of Potential Growth

The PRO OIL CHANGE head office has invested considerable dollars in developing methods for attracting customers to your shop. We are committed to building a Brand that stands out in the customer's mind when they think of our type of services. In addition to a complete Grand Opening package to launch your facility, our marketing binder will supply you with numerous methods to develop new business and raise your profile in the community. Owning a PRO OIL CHANGE store allows you to be in business by yourself, while benefiting from the support, marketing and promotional expertise of the PRO OIL CHANGE team.


We are committed to staying on top of the trends, preferences and changes that affect our industry. In addition to having top research information from our product supply partners, we also conduct or own existing customer and community research. This insures we are making the right decisions ahead of when they are most crucial.

Advertising Committee

As a franchisee you may be asked for your participation form time to time. One way to provide that is by getting involved as a member of the advertising committee. Each year a franchisee will be selected to this post to act as the voice of other franchisees. In this capacity the franchise group as a whole has input into the advertising and marketing program for the year.

Community Marketing

A PRO OIL CHANGE store is not just a business dropped into a community; we plan to become a member of that community. In addition to supporting local charities, we have devised ways for charities to actually raise funds. A successful business is most always the result of recognizing that success is a two way street. We subscribe to that philosophy in dealing with our staff members, suppliers and the community at large.

Point of Purchase supplies

In concert with our lubricant suppliers, we are committed to supplying you with durable attractive point-of-purchase marketing materials. Their promotional signage is not only effective and professional it is always affordable. This valuable resource is available to you 24/365 online at a secure web site.

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